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February 16, 2020

There is an important sequence in THE CHEROKEE AND THE SLAVE that describes how the Cherokee, Eagle Hunter meets the Slave, Amanda.

Eagle Hunter visits Colonel Simpson's Alabama plantation on his way to purchase slaves.  He hears Colonel Simpson call out "Mandy!" loudly summoning his young house slave.  Then again after a few minutes Simpson repeats the summons.... "Mandy!" 

Later that night, Eagle Hunter welcomes Amanda into his warm embrace using the only name he knows, "Mandy." 

In contrast to Colonel Simpson's loud voice, exhibiting his ownership of the young slave, Eagle Hunter's soft voice tells an entirely different story.

I was inspired to write that sequence by Mrs. Amanda King, a friend who passed away several years ago.  Mrs. King worked as housekeeper in the home of a boutique owner, who also utilized her skills as a seamstress in his store. When he announced that he wanted to take Mrs. King along on a family trip to Walt Disney World, she refused and made this very firm objection, " I don't want to have to hear you yelling "Mandy!..all over Walt Disney World." 

Amanda King was just that kind of feisty housekeeper. I have to believe that my great, great, grandmother Amanda Simpson was just that kind of feisty slave.

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